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  • March 02, 2009 by admin

    Web Development 5 Step Process

    After working with many large industries ranging from travel agencies to the mix martial arts world we have produced a coherent process for all our projects. Some of the projects that we have worked with extend from 6 to 9 months projects from the ground up. These projects are considered large projects to us since they required integration from several different companies to produce a single working web application. The result of the process is extraordinary for our upcoming projects. What we have produced is a priceless asset for our client with a “NO Surprise Workflow.” Our five step process consists and guarantees our clients with a website without delays and without surprises that exceeds their expectation and coincides with their vision.

    If it is your first time working with a project or you have experience working with other projects you will find our process a necessity for every project you will ever work in. It is absolutely impossible for a project to be completed on time without our 5 step process. Xillent our company will continuously produce industry standard websites with this process.

    Our Web Development Process Summary:
    1.) Initialization
    2.) Visualization
    3.) Implementation
    4.) Verification
    5.) Gratification

    Yes! The last Phase is Gratification! This is especially for our client. You can learn more about our process and how it can help your current project by contacting one of our representatives. The great thing about our process is that it is scalable with your business and gratification is always in the end.

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    1. Larry W. says:
      June 23, 2009 at 8:36 am

      Do you outsource your graphic work for your website? I like them and would be interested in knowing who did yours! I’m in the process of designing my template for my new blog but having a hard time. Looking to pay someone to help.

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