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  • January 02, 2010 by admin

    Blog Sites and the Company that benefits

    After spending the last 2 months finishing up some work on several projects, I find myself looking back at some of these projects and estimating which project will take off more than others. Even when we thought that we have not done much in the last year I believe that we have done a lot. We have built over 5 different Content Management Systems for a range of applications in the course of six months. It is such a big accomplishment. What stuck in my head are blog sites and how important they are still in web development. In all honesty a lot of web developers out there know nothing about Search Engine Optimization, let alone the SEO experts themselves claiming to know more than the truth.

    Some will only optimize for a selected search engine since doing it for a broad range of search engines won’t get you as far and will cost you far more. I rather go for organic searches and throw away the PPC because sometime in some markets or industries its way too saturated. At Xillent we usually throw out all the open source CMS because it is too cumbersome unless the client really requests it. But for a blogging CMS, WordPress does a fantastic job.

    Installing a wordpress website as a corporate blog can quickly claim you to stardom in SEO terms because it encompass around a team of professional working to put together a news syndication tool. This started out for people who don’t have a badge in journalism but love to write about their daily rants. Put that asides, you should not abuse your blog and copy content from others. I will write a short summary how to get the most out from your wordpress blog and how it can help your company:

    1.) Theming: Your blog should match in look and feel of your website so there is no feeling of detachment. I don’t necessary like the design on our current blog but it is artistically satisfying for some.

    2.) Permalinks: Get your deep linkings or permalinks up and running to include descriptive formats. Ex.. blog.com/news/blogtitle/…. not blog.com/?p=129&c=12 . Being descriptive helps a lot for search engine spiders. A spider looks and reads only text based pages to be indexed or saved in the search engine database. It will not know what “?p=123&c=12″ is but what “news/blogtitle/” stands for. It is simple how I think about it because search engine is like a child, you have to beat little more descriptive.

    3.) Enable your ping. You know how journalists get their content out? They send it out to a syndication and then the world gets it. Same thing as for blogs. It pings many servers. For wordpress, it pings only one server that pings many servers… This is why search engines know that you wrote any new content.

    4.) The thing is news get indexed faster than other content. So a blog is really helpful for your website because your content will also get indexed too. I see websites out there that have really bad url naming convention. :(

    If you are starting a company and want to get your name out there first then you should start blogging. Create a custom theme for your company’s blog and then blog about it. The content gets indexed and you can build up traffic that way. There’s not a lot of traffic at first but when you do add in other parts of your site, it will also get indexed by the search engine.

    That is just one part of it for SEO tips but there are several different factors for creating a faster indexed site and more traffic over a small amount of time. I would say, WordPress is a useful tool but the CMS is very cumbersome to use though. Aside from that, it gets you up and running the quickest. Let me know if you have any problems or need help with the design when setting up a WordPress blog.


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