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Package Two: Web Designs

You have a big site and think that you may need more than a regular website design service. You need the full service:

1.) Website pages creation and design work
2.) Logo Redesign
3.) Newsletter designs (1 set) for your target audiences
4.) Flow designs from webpage to webpage for storyboard building
5.) Brochures
6.) Email Auto-Responses
7.) Stock Photography included

Give us your project and we will make the design look great that you can feel it and taste it. We will work with your developers to get you want you want until the launch of the project. Max 300 hours of work or 40 webpages(popups, iframes, alert boxes) or which ever goes first.

Name of Project:
Three website urls that you like and why:
Apps you like and why:
Tell us a little more about your project:
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Price: $19,000.00

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